Vision, Mission and Objectives


In the name of Jesus Christ and following His teachings and example, we the sisters of the Apostolic Carmel, founded by Mother Mary Veronica in 1868, offer at Patna Women’s College, the service of value based Higher Education youth through academic pursuit for excellence, community involvement and empowerment of women.

Mission Statement

Patna Women’s College, the first college for women in Bihar, is committed to the holistic development of women to make an effective contribution to the creation of a new society.


In the light of the Vision and Mission, Patna Women’s College with its lay collaborators, leads its students to:

  • nourish a deep faith in God
  • professional training to the teachers in the making that would make them competent and self-reliant
  • their intellectual, emotional, social and moral development
  • their decision-making ability and leadership quality
  • effective communication skills among them
  • sensitize< them on current environmental issues
  • encourage< the use of new teaching methodologies in keeping with global trends and demands
  • committed teachers who uphold human values and become agents of social change

We want our staff to be imbued with this same ‘Vision’ in the service of the glorious task of educating the youth of our times. We urge parents/guardians who entrust their children to us, to share our ‘Vision’ and cooperate with us in making our students powerful force for good.

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