Cancer Awareness Programme

‘Cancer is not a disease, it is a journey to overcome through courage and strength.’

On 20th July 2019, a Cancer Awareness Programme was organized at the Department of Education, Patna Women’s College in collaboration with the Cancer Care and Cure Public Charitable Trust. The programme was conducted for the staff members as well as for the teacher trainees of the Department. The B.Ed. students of session 2018-20 and of session 2019-21 participated in the programme. The programme was an initiative of Social Science Club of the Department.

The resource person of the programme was Dr Arvind Kumar, DM, Oncology, Buddha Cancer Centre, Patna. He provided relevant information regarding the life-threatening disease of cancer. He also discussed the signs and symptoms of cancer that is most common among women. The information that was shared by him related to breast cancer and cervical cancer was truly valuable.

At the end of the programme, the Head and Dean of the Department, Dr Upasana Singh thanked the organization Cancer Care and Cure Public Charitable Trust for organizing such an awareness programme on cancer. She also thanked the resource person for providing such important information about deadly disease cancer that should not be ignored. (Written by a second-year student Session 2018-20)

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