Educational Technology Book

Educational Technology in Teaching-learning: Prospects and Challenges

ISBN : 978-81-927627-1-5

Educational Technology in Teaching and Learning:

Prospects and Challenges

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Editors: Dr. Doris D’Souza A.C., Dr Upasana Singh
Sub-editors: Dr Durga Sharma, Prabhas Ranjan



ICT: Change of Paradigm, Limitations and Possible Courses of Action for Future (Link)

Amarendra Narayan 09 – 14
 2. Computer Education in Government Schools of Bihar (Link) Amita Mishra 15 – 22
 3. Digital Technology and the Culture of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (Link) Umakant Prasad and Vijay Kumar 23 – 29
 4. Plagiarism and Research Ethics in the Age of ICT: Some Policy Concerns (Link) Prabhas Ranjan 30 – 37
 5. Interactive Board: A Revolution in the Teaching-Learning Process (Link) Sapna Suman and Rashmi Sinha 38 – 47
 6. Restructuring Mathematics Education with the Use of Information and Communication Technology (Link) Ajay Babu 48 – 55
 7. An Investigation into the Barriers associated with the ICT Usage in Classrooms by School Teachers (Link) Madhu Singh and R. N. Roy Mazumdar 56 – 63
 8. Connectivism and the Role of ICT (Link) Namita Kumari and Amrendra Narayan 64 – 69
 9. Impact of Teaching through Slide Presentation on Retention of Learning among the Teacher Trainees (Link) Preeti Sinha and Prabhas Ranjan 70 – 76
 10. Creating Interest in Physics Learning and Developing Scientific Temper through Low Cost–No Cost Demonstrations (Link) Rakesh Kumar Singh and Amrendra Narayan 77 – 82
 11. Effective Communication for Teaching and Learning (Link) Lalit Kumar 83 – 90
 12. A Study of ICT Awareness of Teacher Trainees in the Teacher Education Colleges of Patna (Link) Abhilasha Sinha, Sudhir Kumar and Ravi Ranjan 91 – 99
 13. Integration of ICT in Education – The Technological Challenges and Pedagogical Issues (Link) Marisha Chakrabarti 100 – 104
 14. A Study on the Growing Awareness of the Utility of Computers among the Students (Link) Julie Dutta and Priyanka Datta 105 – 111
 15. Computer Awareness of School Teachers and Its Effect on Higher Secondary Education (Link) Nandita Roy 112 – 119
Contributors (Link) 120

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