Fresher’s Day 2016

Fresher’s Day 2016

The Department of Education, Patna Women’s College had its Freshers’ Day Programme for the students of the new session 2016-18 on 30th July 2016. The theme of the programme was – ‘The canvas of life- Jeewan ke Navras’.

The program embarked with the traditional ritual of lighting of the holy lamp, which symbolically took the students from the darkness of ignorance to the light of knowledge. The first performance was a beautiful prayer song – ‘Teri Hai Zamin Tera Aasma…..’After this, a tuneful and mellisonant instrumental fusion was played by the students. Thereafter two inspirational and soulful poems were recited by Mrinalini in English and by Sneha in Hindi.

Following this, a Group dance was enthusiastically performed, which was a fusion of different songs. It was succeeded by a canorous Qawwali. Apoorva, a student of the fresher batch displayed her exceptional skills of dancing on the song – ‘Kahe Chhede Mohe…’

The Dowry System is a great obstacle in the upliftment of women in our society and this burning issue was brought up with the help of a satirical play based on the same theme.

Finally the students performed a group dance with great zeal and fervour which celebrated womanhood. All the sweet and sour phases of life were displayed by the students of the department thus bringing out the theme of programme ‘The canvas of life’.

At the end of the function, the reverend Principal Dr. Marie Jessie A.C. spoke her words of wisdom to the students. She congratulated all the students and advised them to enrich and enhance the talent within themselves. She told them to have integrity, absorb knowledge, learn from others and give it to others and to continue this chain. She appreciated the costumes and colours and with the help of a story she explained that everyone has some talent in himself, if not used it decays and if used it multiplies.

She gave her blessings to the students and asked them to have wisdom, patience, and hope.

The vote of thanks was proposed by Neha Rajgaria. The programme was anchored by Garima and Mrinalini.

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