Mandatory Disclosure

(The following information is displayed as per Regulations of NCTE)

Original Order of NCTE: ERC/7-57.5.16/2005 /1928 Dated 21.06.2005
Revised Order of NCTE: ERC/NCTE/APE00445//B.Ed(Revised Order)/2015/32359, Date: 29.05.2015


Details of the Institution
Name of the Institution : Department of Education, Patna Women’s College.
Date of Establishment: April 8th , 2006
Complete postal address: Patna Women’s College,
Avila Convent, Bailey Road,
Patna, Pin: 800001, Bihar
Phone (with STD code): 0612- 2520726
Fax: 0612-2531196
E-mail :
Website Address :
Nearest Railway Station: Patna Junction (Two K.M.)
Nearest Town : Patna
Type of Institution : Women only
Status of Institution : Religious Minority, Constituent
College of Patna University
Management Self Financing
Details of the course applied for
Level of the Course : Bachelor
Name of the Teacher Education Course : Bachelor of Education
Duration of the Course Two Academic Session
Whether to be conducted in face to face
or distance mode:
Face to Face Mode
Proposed Intake : 50+50 (Two Units)
E-mail :
Details of the Affiliating Body :
Name: Patna University, Patna, Bihar
Address/Tel/Fax No: 0612- 2670352 (VC. Off.)
Land [ Whether copy of the Affidavit in the prescribed format has been displayed on the website as required under Regulation 8(9) of the NCTE Regulations, 2007 : NA ]
Land Identification: N.A.
Land Area : 5.2 Acres
Whether the Title of the land is on Ownership basis: Yes, on lease basis
Title of the land is on lease as per law : Yes
Duration of the lease : Perpetual
Land Use Certificate obtained for Educational Institution : Yes
Construction of the building is complete : Yes
Building is yet to be constructed : No
Building is fire safety-proof : Yes
Building is disabled friendly Yes
Common room for boys/girls available : Yes
Covered Area in sq mt. : 3247 SQ. Mts.
Number of classrooms : 9
The Library has separate reference section/ Journals section and reading room : Yes
Number of books in the library : 6919
Total number of educational Journals/periodicals being subscribed : 9/13
Number of encyclopedias available in the library : 51
Number of books available in the reference section of the library : 1035
Covered Area in sq mt. : 123
Seating capacity of the reading room of the library : 58
Instructional Facilities
Details of laboratories available: (View Details)
Arrangement made for practice teaching : Yes
Number and Name of school(s) for practice teaching: 9
Practice-in-Teaching Schools
  • 1- Carmel High School, Bailey Road
  • 2- Govt. Girls High School, Shastri Nagar
  • 3- St. Xavier’s High School,
  • 4- Govt. Girls High School, Bankipore
  • 5- Patna Montessori School
  • 6- St. Paul’s Academy
  • 7- St. Paul’s High School
  • 8- Baldwin Academy
  • 9- Baldwin Sophia
  • 10- Hartmann Girl’s High School, Patna
  • 12- P.N. Anglo Sr. Secondary School
Facilities for games & sports
Own Playground Yes (Separate)
Playground of another institution on sharing basis: Yes (Additional)
Gymnasium/Multipurpose hall: Yes
Facilities for gymnasium: Yes
Facilities for athletics: Yes
Facilities for Indoor Games: Yes
Facilities for Outdoor Games: Yes
Other facilities available:
Canteen facilities available: Yes
Medical facilities available: Yes
Hostel facilities available: Yes

List of Teaching Staff

Dr. Sister M. Rashmi, A.C
Principal, Patna Women’s College, Patna
Urban Studies / Geology
M.A., Ph.D.
Date of Birth :
Date of Appointment :
Head, Department of Education, PWC
Curriculum Studies and Teaching of Physical Science
B.Ed., M.Ed, Ph.D. Net-JRF (2003)
Date of Birth : 28.08.1977
Date of Appointment : 01.07.2008
Ms. Anju, Assistant Professor
Curriculum Studies and Teaching of Economics
B.Ed., M.Ed
Date of Birth : 25.07.1980
Date of Appointment : 01.07.2008
Ms. Rashmi Sinha, Assistant Professor
Curriculum Studies and Teaching of Biological Science
B.Ed., M.Ed
Date of Birth : 06.07.1972
Date of Appointment : 01.01.2009
Sister M. Saroj A.C, Assistant Professor
Curriculum Studies and Teaching of Geography
B.Ed., M.Ed
Date of Birth : 05.10.1974
Date of Appointment : 01.07.2009
Dr. Madhumita, Assistant Professor
Perspectives in Education or Foundation Courses
B.Ed., M.Ed, Ph.D.
Date of Birth : 17.10.1974
Date of Appointment : 20.10.2010
Mr. Prabhas Ranjan, Assistant Professor
Curriculum Studies and Teaching of History
B.Ed., M.Ed
Date of Birth : 15.01.1975
Date of Appointment : 25.10.2010
Ms. Babli Roy, Assistant Professor
Perspectives in Education or Foundation Courses
B.Ed., M.Ed
Date of Birth : 01.01.1980
Date of Appointment : 28.10.2010
Ms. Madhu Smita Singh, Assistant Professor
Perspectives in Education or Foundation Courses
B.Ed., M.Ed
Date of Birth : 27.12.1979
Date of Appointment : 03.11.2015
Ms. Quazi Bushra Ahmed, Assistant Professor
Health and Physical Education
B.P.Ed., M.P.Ed
Date of Birth : 10.07.1989
Date of Appointment : 03.11.2015
Affidavits regarding Teaching Staff

Administrative and Professional Staff

Mr. Shekhar Kumar,
M.L.I.S., PG.DCA, Library Automation
(Managing E-Library)
Ms. Husn Bano,
Assistant Library
M.A.(Psychology), M.L.I.S.
Mr. Manoranjan Prasad,
Lab Assistant
Mr. Kumar Bhupendra,
Office-cum-Account Assistant
B.A. (Hons.),Certificate Course in Accountancy
Mr. Ranjan Michael,
Office Assistant-cum Computer Operator
B.A. (Hons.) Advanced Diploma in Computer Applications (ADCA)
Ms. Sangeeta Sahay,
Administrative Office Staff
M.A.(Psychology), B.Ed.
Mr. Shayama Charan,
Technical Assistant
B.A. (Hons.), Computer Hardware of Networking, ADCA, DTP, Tally
Mr. George Kujur,
Lab Attendant
Mr. Raymond Natal Shah,
Lab Attendant
Matric (Electrician)
Mr. Lucas Toppo,
Mr. Rasol,
9th Std.
Mr. Raju Rajan,
Ms. Emilda,
5th Std.
Ms. Julie,
4th Std.