In the Department, the students have opportunities to participate in various activities that promote their professional skills as teachers and inculcate human values in them. The Department is committed to foster students’ intellectual, emotional, social and moral development. It is keen to promote the decision making ability and leadership qualities. With effective training in soft skills, and ICT skills training the Department aptly produce committed teachers with global outlook who uphold human values and become agents of social change.

For intellectual development

  • The teaching learning sessions are made interactive.
  • Thought provoking assignments and projects are given to the students regularly
  • The needs of weaker students are addressed by remedial classes
  • The students have opportunities for group activities and competitions every month
  • Occasionally, interdisciplinary peer teaching are done by the students
  • Microteaching experience are provided to master the core teaching skills
  • Before the practice-in-teaching the students are exposed to simulated teaching to understand and master the way, lesson plans should be presented in schools
  • B.Ed. internship (fifteen days) in schools under the supervision of the school authorities
  • The Science students are trained to prepare of low cost teaching materials
  • Various workshops and seminars related to the development of pedagogical skills are organised
  • Field visits are organised for hands on exposure to the students

For emotional, social and moral development
  • Value based morning assembly of half an hour duration every day
  • Value education classes are conducted for the students at regular intervals
  • Value education lesson in each teaching method during practice-in-teaching
  • Games and sports, meditation and yoga are given due importance
  • Visit to Special Homes, celebration of Joy of Giving Week,Bal Mela instil a sense of social and moral responsibilities in students
  • All activities are selected and organized with the involvement and cooperation of the students
  • The teacher trainees are given individual as well as group responsibilities

For inculcating leadership qualities

  • Leadership is voluntarily taken up by some students in organizing various activities / events in the Department
  • Various guest lectures are organized to emphasize values like independence, leadership, environmental conservation, responsibilities of teachers and so on
  • The class and house representatives are selected by democratic process
  • All Departmental activities are evaluated by the students
  • Visit to special homes, celebration of Joy of Giving Days instil a sense of social and moral responsibilities in students
  • All activities are selected and organized with the involvement and cooperation of the students
  • Their genuine suggestions given to the Grievance and Redressal Cell are placed in its meeting and incorporated in the best possible way
  • Discipline and time management skills are emphasised

For developing soft skills

  • A Certificate Course in ‘Communication and Soft Skills’ is provided to for all the students
  • The students get training to compére the activities like Inter School Debate ,competitions,cultural events, Alumni meets etc
  • Welcome speech and Vote of Thanks are delivered in all of the programmes by the students only.

For developing ICT skills

  • A credit based Certificate Course in ‘ICT – based Teaching Learning Skills’ is optional for the students who have less opportunities to use computers
  • LCD PowerPoint presentation are used for various purposes
  • Computer lab with broadband internet connection is freely accessible by the students.
  • Smart class with interactive board is introduced for teacher trainees where they can learn the latest classroom technologies
  • Multimedia Class is set up for teacher trainees where they can view presentation using various media simultaneously and learn different methods