Grievance and Redressal Cell

A grievance redressal cell has been initiated. This cell comprises of the Principal, Head of the Department, two teaching staff and one student representative. A suggestion box has been made available in the library. The suggestion box is opened by the members of the Grievance Cell weekly.

Activities :

  • to identify problems of the students
  • to listen to their grievances and to suggest remedial measures
  • to maintain healthy atmosphere in the Department
  • to strengthen the bond among staff and students
  • to provide timely counselling to the students
  • to hold monthly meetings
  • to maintain a Grievance Cell register
  • to share their experiences in the staff meetings

Committee for Student Welfare and Co-curricular activities

It comprises of Class Representative, One Assistant Class Representative, Four House Representative and Four Assistant House Representatives.

Activities :

  • to collect feedback from peer members
  • to motivate all student teachers to participate in all the co-curricular and extra-curricular activities
  • to organize co-curricular and extra-curricular activities of the Department
  • to organize peer teaching under the guidance of teachers
  • to help low achievers in their academics
  • to orient the students about Placement Cell
  • to maintain the job placement bulletin board
  • to work in collaboration with Placement Cell
  • besides, the members motivate the Alumni Association to help in the growth and development of the Department

Student Council (2011-12)

Shivya Sonal, Class Representative

Tresa Fransis, Asst. Class Representative

Supriya Ghosh, Red House Representative

Kajal Kiran, Asst. Red House Representative

Rajshree Narain; Blue House Representative

Sujata Kumari, Asst. Blue House Representative

Devanjana Sen Gupta, Green House Representative

Shalini Sahai, Assit. Blue House Representative

Rashmi Singh, Yellow House Representative

Alisha Anthony, Yellow House Asst. Representative

Library Committee (Library Advisory and Purchasing Committee)

It comprises of President (Principal), Library Incharge (Secretary), Representative Incharge (HoD), Representative Faculty (one of the Staff members), Student Representative (one student).

Activities :

  • to hold half yearly meetings
  • to take action on suggestions of staff and students
  • to decide on purchasing of books
  • to select books in collaboration with subject teachers. According to the recommendation of the committee more books in Hindi version are added
  • to visit libraries of other institutions and recommend the addition of new journals
  • to display book flaps of new arrivals
  • to suggest extra working hours of the library as and when needed
Newsletter Committee :

It comprises of the Principal, Head of the Department, One External Expert, One Office Bearer of Alumni Association and One Student Representative.

Activities :

  • to bring out the Vision, Mission and Objectives of the Department
  • to provide information about the faculty profile
  • to highlight the academic achievement of the Department
  • to present an overview of the functioning of the Department
  • to acquaint about the quality sustenance and quality enhancement measures taken
Placement Cell :

It comprises of the Principal, Head, a Placement Officer and a Student Representative.

Activities :

  • to provide placement to alumni and the present students
  • to build and maintain good relationship with the educational institutions
  • to find out the vacancies in the different schools and to inform the students about it
  • to maintain a placement bulletin board
  • to maintain a record of the placement
  • to get feedback from the employers on the students performance in the teaching profession
  • to counsel and guide the students to face the future challenges
Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)

The Institution has had an IQAC since 2004, which has looked after the Department from its inception in 2006. However, the Department has recently initiated its own IQAC.


  • To identify quality measures for the Institution
  • To plan quantity related activities in the Institution
  • To prepare an action plan for the Internal Quality Assessment of the student teachers personal, academic and professional competencies
  • Train the student teachers to evaluate themselves periodically, the acquisition of personal, academic and professional competencies through the evaluation criteria
  • To analyse the acquisition level of the competencies acquired by the student teachers
  • To prepare a report for the academic year based on the accomplishment of the College objectives