Rules and Regulation


All students are to conform to the Disciplinary Rules :

  1. Students are expected to be punctual at the lectures and tutorials.
  2. Students absent at the roll-call forfeit attendance. Students will submit a leave note countersigned by parents.
  3. Students may spend their non-lecture hours in silent study in the Library.
  4. Courtesy, politeness, and lady-like behaviour must always characterize students of Patna Women’s College.
  5. No student will leave the College premises without the Principal’s permission, except to go home after the lectures are over.
  6. No visitors for students are allowed during lecture hours.
  7. No meetings should be held in the College nor any new activity taken up without the consent of the Principal.
  8. No books, magazines, newspapers or notices for the notice board will be brought to the College without the approval of the Principal.
  9. No subscriptions are allowed without the previous permission of the Principal.
  10. Students changing their residence must notify the Principal without delay.
  11. The trainees are expected to take proper care of the College property and help to maintain the premises neat and tidy.
  12. Students will follow the dress code of the College, i.e., Salvar Kameez-Simple, modest and sufficiently loose saree on days prescribed.
  13. Students will wear the College identity card around their neck in the College premises.
  14. Mobile phones are not allowed in the College premises.Fine will be imposed if found with a mobile.
  15. 75% attendance is compulsory. (60% attendance for those with medical reasons. Medical certificate to be submitted at the time of illness. Leave to be taken with prior information.)


  1. Strict silence will be observed at all times in the Library.
  2. Membership is obligatory for all students.
  3. Students will apply for books in the prescribed form by 2:00 p.m.
  4. Books from the General Library are loaned daily for a week.
  5. students are requested to use books with care. They will be held responsible for mishandling.
  6. Students who fail to return books at the prescribed time will pay a fine of Rs. 2/- per day.
  7. Library books are not to be lent by students to anyone in the College or outside the College.
  8. Students will use the catalogue cards to guide them in the choice of books.
  9. No magazines or news papers from the Library will be lent for home use.
  10. All Library Rules and Regulations must be strictly followed in the Library.