Welcome Fiesta 2019

On 27th July 2019 the Department of Education organized a ‘Welcome Fiesta’ programme for the B.Ed. students of session 2019-21. In this programme, the 1st Year students participated with full zeal and enthusiasm. They presented a series of incredible performances which drew everyone’s hearts.

The programme started with the Lamp Lighting ceremony. It was followed by the prayer dance, ‘Teri Karun Aaradhana’. A student of B.Ed. 1st year recited a poem entitled; ‘Hum Ek The, Hum Ek Hain, Hum Ek Rahenge’. The poem beautifully expressed the unity of India through the words of togetherness. It was followed by a contemporary dance in which the students depicted the darkness of women’s life and the light that sparkles their life after the blessings of God. The students of B.Ed. 1st year also presented a melodious song, ‘ Baadal Par Paon Hain’ and spread the beauty of their voice. Following this a skit was presented on the theme; ‘Protect the Environment’, in which the students depicted the importance of Mother Nature in a very attractive way. They also presented a folk dance from Bihar on a song ‘ Kaise Khele Jaibu Kajariya’ depicting the charm of the spring season. At last, the student sisters of B.Ed. session 2019-21 presented melodious rhythms representing the folk music of different states of India. It included states like Tamil Nadu, Punjab, Kerala, Meghalaya, Jharkhand, Assam and Bihar. After this incredible performance the whole atmosphere was filled with joy, relief and peace. It was a magnificent presentation which provided peace to everyone’s heart.

At the end of the programme, the Head and Dean of the Department, Dr Upasana Singh congratulated each and every student of session 2019-21 for their contribution and active participation. She also admired the central ideas related to the performances presented by the students.

(Contributed by a second-year student)

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